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The notification of a document by a court bailiff assures you that the recipient has been reached. Even if the recipient is absent or refuses to receive the document, the proof of service that we will issue you will indicate that the document has reached the mailbox or was left under the door of the addressee, if not reachable in person. The recipient thus can’t ignore such notification, unlike when sending the legal document by registered post.

Whether it be a procedure of the Rental Board or of any other court, Foisy Labrecque Court Bailiffs will handle the notification in the shortest possible time.

We also offer you our mass notification service; this means that we can serve your claims for the Rental Board, your lease renewal notice, your rent increase notice and any other documents to send to your tenants in one or more properties, all this on the same day, regardless of the number. The result: simplified management of your files calculating also your time limits.